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From the track with Joey Gase

J&S Products Joins Joey Gase for American Ethanol E15 250 at Iowa

When Joey Gase enters his home track of Iowa Speedway for the American Ethanol E15 250 on June 19, he and his Jimmy Means Racing team will have a new partner in J&S Products as sponsor on the No. 52 Chevrolet.
J&S Products, LLC, is an Iowa company dedicated to designing Earth-friendly products that serve automotive related industries, recyclers and consumers.
Inventor and co-owner, John Henecke, has a connection with Gase from the get-go, as Henecke is a former racecar driver himself. Henecke is excited to bring both his company and racing together
“We’re very excited about this product and thrilled to bring Speed-E-Pan to Joey Gase Racing and Iowa Speedway,” said Henecke. “As a former racecar owner and driver, I wanted to give something back to all of my fellow car enthusiasts, while also helping protect our planet by making used oil recycling clean and easy to do.”
Speed-E-Pan is a US-patented, recyclable fluid drain pan that is shipped flat. The corrugated cardboard is folded into a box form using the directions printed on the unit. Used engine oil or other recyclable fluids are released into the unit’s catch basin. The catch basin directs the oil into a two-ply, puncture resistant bag concealed inside (up to 8 US quarts).
All components of the Speed-E-Pan are recyclable (pan, plug, and oil container, plus the recyclable fluid captured, such as used engine oil).
“The Speed-E-Pan product has been through more than 13 years of testing and development,” says Henecke. “Along the way we’ve talked with major oil companies, national auto part chain stores and regional stores that serve farmers and ranchers, family, neighbors, and strangers. Everyone we’ve spoken with has been very supportive of Speed-E-Pan and offered their comments and advice. Now, we’re very excited to be coming to NASCAR to share this product.”
Fellow co-owner of J&S Products, Shawn Gallagher, explains how the Speed-E-Pan can be used in a variety of ways: “The applications for Speed-E-Pan range from a shade tree mechanic who wants to act responsibly with his used oil, to municipalities with curb-side used oil pick-up who want a clean, stackable and recyclable solution for their collection programs.”
Please visit SPEED-E-PAN to see their official product website.

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